Research Seminar

Time to move forward: Challenges and Research Opportunities for Lung Cancer Screening and Early Detection in Europe

Berlin, Germany

11-12 February, 2021

In Europe, lung cancer ranks third among the most common cancers, however, it remains the biggest killer. Recent European cancer mortality…
Research Seminar

Pharmacology of asthma and COPD: current and future developments

Napoli, Italy

10-11 June, 2021

Pharmacological management of airway obstructive diseases is a fast evolving field. Several advances in unravelling disease mechanism as well as…
Research Seminar

Innovative 3D models for understanding mechanisms underlying lung diseases: powerful tools for translational research

Estoril, Portugal

14-16 March, 2021

The proposed Research Seminar will address our gap in understanding how the aspects of matrix and cell biology are integrated to define lung…