About the examinations

The ERS HERMES examinations in respiratory medicine are developed and organised by the European Respiratory Society (ERS). These written, multiple-choice question examinations are based on respective European syllabi and are the main European-level examinations in respiratory medicine.

The aim of the exams is to set a common, high standard of knowledge amongst respiratory specialists and trainees within Europe - establishing the ERS HERMES European Diploma examinations as a key additional quality stamp, which certifies excellence of respiratory specialists within Europe and around the world.

Types of examination

The ERS HERMES examinations offer something for all levels; whether you are in-training, in the early stages of developing your career or a seasoned respiratory professional, these examinations give you an opportunity to measure yourself against European standards of practice, gain international recognition, improve your CV, boost your mobility, and enable you to recognise areas for improvement.

The examination you choose to register for will depend on your specialist field and your level of training:

  1. Choose between adult or paediatric focused examinations
  2. Choose the examination category most applicable to you
European Diploma Respiratory specialists / Final-year trainees in respiratory medicine If you have completed your national programme or are in your final year of specialty training, become a Diplomate - a member of a highly qualified group of respiratory professionals from across Europe. A Diploma is proof of excellence in the field, it demonstrates commitment to life-long learning, can boost your mobility, and enables you to self-assess as a professional. In addition, 51 CME credits can be awarded for successfully passing the examination.
In-training Trainees in respiratory medicine If you are currently working towards your national qualification, utilise this exam to know where you stand in your current level of training, benchmarked against European standards. Focus your learning as you move forward.
Self-assessment Respiratory specialists/Non-specialists with MD As a qualified doctor, do you know where you currently stand against European standards? Utilise this exam to focus your professional development, keep up-to-date or learn more about the field.

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Upcoming examinations

The next ERS HERMES examinations in either adult or paediatric respiratory medicine will take place as follows:

  • Registration: Opening 1 February 2021
  • Date: 04 September, 2021
  • Time: 13:00 - 16:00 (CEST time zone)
  • Location: ERS International Congress Barcelona

National and regional society cooperation

The ERS HERMES examinations are currently used by various national and regional societies in Europe, Asia and North Africa as the written part of the national exit examination, fellowship prerequisite, benchmarking tool for trainees, for formative assessment – either through the three-hour examination, or a special course format delivery. Find out more

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