ERS has developed a syllabus for adult respiratory medicine and paediatric respiratory medicine at in-training level, and a number of other sub-specialty groups, however as of today, there is not a defined list of topics (syllabus) that a respiratory physician should cover to keep up to date.


The objective of the ERS CPD project is to develop a framework for respiratory physicians to keep up-to-date in clinical practice. The project aims to:

  • Identifying relevant topics (curriculum development),
  • Developing content (courses, programmes, publications, e-learning and assessments)
  • Offering fellowship and mentorship opportunities

ERS does not intend to create or challenge national accreditation systems rather to facilitate in a more structured approach training.

Target audiences

The main target audience are clinicians in respiratory medicine (general respiratory physicians).


Seven focus groups identified topics from the Adult Respiratory Medicine syllabus (for trainees), that general respiratory physicians and specialists should keep up to date in each of the eight diseases areas. For each identified subject, top level topics were described.

One focus group identified topics from the Paediatric Respiratory Medicine syllabus (for specialists -update ongoing), that general paediatricians with an interest in PRM should keep up to date.

Key projects output

  • Identification of gaps in content delivered by ERS
  • Design of programmes based on need and available content
  • Evaluation of programme impact on daily practice
  • Tracking of activities