ERS Events Calendar

Our interactive calendar provides an overview of upcoming events in the respiratory calendar that may be of interest to respiratory professionals. The calendar includes events organised by ERS, events endorsed by ERS, and independent, non-endorsed events that are organised by third-party organisations. Visit the Event Endorsement page if you are interested in receiving official endorsement by ERS for your event.








  • ERS Skills course

    Paediatric bronchoscopy

    Naples, Italy

    7-9 October, 2019

    This course is aimed at paediatricians and pulmonologists who want to train in diagnostic and therapeutic paediatric bronchoscopy. The course is…
  • ERS Skills course Fully Booked

    Thoracic ultrasound

    Odense, Denmark

    10-11 October, 2019

    These skills-based courses provide participants with an overview of the knowledge and skills required to perform thoracic ultrasound to diagnose…
  • ERS Training programme Fully Booked

    Early Bird deadline 15 July, 2019

    EBUS Training Programme Part 1

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    15-16 October, 2019

    The aim of this programme is to train qualified doctors to be able to independently and competently perform endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS). This…

    ERS HERMES examination in paediatric respiratory medicine - Hong Kong 2019

    Hong Kong

    19 October, 2019

    Following on from the successful examination in Beijing 2018, the Asian Paediatric Pulmonology Society (APPS) will deliver the ERS HERMES…
  • ERS Skills course Fully Booked

    Interventional bronchoscopy

    Athens, Greece

    24-26 October, 2019

    This course aims to develop practical skills and knowledge in the field of interventional bronchoscopy for practitioners who already have a basic…
  • Spirometry Programme

    Spirometry training programme - Part 1

    Tešanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

    25 October, 2019

    Language: English Organiser: Medical Association of Zenica-Doboj Canton Contact: Mirjana Jovancevic Drvenica
  • Self-assessment course

    Russia, Moscow

    28 October, 2019

    Contact: Mr Andrey Belevskiy


  • Spirometry Programme

    Spirometry training programme - Part 1

    Sremska Kamenica, Serbia

    1 November, 2019

    Language: English/Serbian Organiser: Institute for Pulmonary Diseases of Vojvodina Contact: Marija Vukoja
  • ERS Course Fully Booked

    Early Bird deadline 15 August, 2019

    Interstitial lung diseases

    Heidelberg, Germany

    Live streaming available

    4-6 November, 2019

    This course provides an overview of the field of Interstitial Lung Diseases (ILDs). Participants will learn which diagnostic procedures should be…
  • ERS Course

    Early Bird deadline 31 August, 2019

    Paediatric respiratory infections

    Lisbon, Portugal

    13-15 November, 2019

    This course will present state-of-the-art advances and best practices in the epidemiology, diagnosis, management and prevention of pediatric…
  • ERS Skills course Fully Booked

    Thoracoscopy and pleural techniques

    Marseille, France

    19-22 November, 2019

    This course is aimed at pulmonologists and thoracic surgeons who want to train in diagnostic and therapeutic interventional pulmonology. As a…




  • ERS Course

    Early Bird deadline 13 October, 2019

    Pulmonary rehabilitation

    Leuven, Belgium

    9-11 January, 2020

    This course offers the latest insight into pulmonary rehabilitation, bringing together the viewpoints of both clinicians and physiotherapists.…