ERS satellites is an award-winning modern approach to delivering education to a global audience. Connecting four live audiences using cutting edge live streaming technology to deliver a two day programme across 4 hot topics in respiratory medicine.


You can join our leading faculty of top specialist in the field in

Brussels – Bucharest – Hamburg – Rome

  • Belgian Respiratory Society

  • Societatea Românâ de Pneumologie

  • Deutche Gesallschaft für Pneumologie und Beatmungsmedizin e.V.

  • Associazione Italiana Pneumoogi Ospedalieri

  • Federazione Italiana della Pneumologia

  • Society Italiana di Pneumologia

Or join us as one of thousands of online participants that connect from anywhere in the world for free.



The event will take place over two days and covers four main topics.

Day 1: Thursday 20 February

  • COPD Prevention of exacerbations and new treatment pathways in COPD (developed by Prof. Dr. Daiana Stolz)
  • ASTHMA - Prevention of exacerbations and oral steroid use in Asthma (developed by Dr. Andrew Menzies-Gow)

Day 2: Friday 21 February

  • LUNG CANCER - Advances in the management of thoracic tumours (developed by Prof. Dr. Jan Van Meerbeeck)
  • INFECTIONS - Prevention and new treatment approach for respiratory infections (developed by Prof. Dr. Stefano Aliberti)

Download the ERS Satellites 2020 programme (PDF, 5.3 MB)


Comments from past delegates

  • “Seriously, this is the future of education.”
  • “Excellent interaction! The event truly exceeded my expectations, thank you!”
  • “Great combination of venue and online hub webcast.”
  • “It was brilliant, should happen more often.”
  • “It was very stimulating to hear and watch the talks from all over Europe, really felt like the speakers were in front of you all the time.”
  • “Wonderful event. Delighted to be part of history!”
  • “All the talks were excellent. The Q&A was outstanding."

Who should attend

Healthcare professionals with an interest in the field of COPD, asthma, lung cancer and respiratory infections are welcome to participate in this event. This event is not restricted to ERS members.


How to join

Please note: Registrations for ERS Satellites 2020 are now open. You can join us online from anywhere in the world for free or join us onsite for just €30.


Earn CME credits

The ERS Satellites 2020 is granted with 10 CME credits by European Board for Accreditation in Pneumology (EBAP).

The amount of credits you can receive will correspond to your attendance. Note that you will need to sign the attendance list on site to ensure that you receive the CME credits.


ERS Satellites 2019 highlights

Held on 21 February 2019 and hosted by Professors Wisia Wedzicha and Vincent Cottin, the ERS Satellites 2019 programme focused on advances in precision medicine in COPD and ILD.


The ERS Satellites programme has been created by the European Respiratory Society and there has been no external influence on the content or choice of speakers.

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