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Virtual School on Interstitial lung diseases

Organisers : M. Kreuter, V. Poletti, A. Wells, M. Wijsenbeek
Faculty : T. Alfaro, K. Antoniou, E. Bargagli, F. Bonella, V. Cottin, B. Crestani, F. Herth, C.P. Heussel, A.M. Hoffmann-Vold, M. Kreuter, M. Kriegsmann, T. Maher, M. Molina-Molina, V. Poletti, E. Renzoni, P. Spagnolo, C. Valenzuela, M. Vasakova, A. Wells, M. Wijsenbeek, W. Wuyts

This online course will provide an overview of the field of Interstitial Lung Diseases (ILDs). Participants will learn which diagnostic procedures should be applied based on given clinical circumstances and will receive updates on specific diseases and treatment. This interactive course includes live round table discussions from the on-site faculty panel in Heidelberg, Germany. Course attendees will have the opportunity to present their pre-recorded cases and discuss them with leading experts.

An application will be made to EBAP for CME accreditation of this event. The number of credits that you will receive will correspond to the time you spend viewing the sessions live. Please note that you will not accrue credits for watching video recordings made available after the course has taken place.

Course format

The programme will consist of one-hour sessions and formats will include:

  • Lectures, including interactive polling and chat questions
  • Case presentations, with interactive discussions
  • Live round table discussions
  • Pre-recorded procedure with live discussion
  • Case based sessions, with cases submitted by participants

Please note that all timings are in Central European Time (CET). Recordings of each session will be made available after the event to registered participants.


  • ILD diagnosis
  • Update on diagnostic procedures in ILDs, including a pre-recorded cryo-biopsy procedure
  • Current, novel and future therapies
  • Specific diseases and conditions
  • COVID and ILD

Participant case submission

Take this opportunity and submit a 5-minute pre-recording of your case presentation for the Interactive ILD Board sessions by 21 Feruary 2021.

Please access the recording guide with instructions on how to record your presentation with PowerPoint and the case report template. Please make sure that the case does not contain any patient data.

Upload your narrated presentation here.

The organising committee will select 6 cases to be shown and discussed. We will inform you once the chosen cases are confirmed. Please make sure that you will be available to attend the session live and do not hesitate to contact us in case of any questions.

Target audience

  • Clinicians
  • Pulmonologists in training
  • Radiologists specialised in thoracic imaging
  • Pathologists specialised in thoracic pathology

Learning outcomes

Following this course, participants will:

  • Be able to diagnose ILDs correctly and be aware of the advantages and limitations of the different approaches
  • Be familiar with the current standards and challenges of ILD treatment and promising new targets